Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My cup O' joe

So, I was looking through the photos in my phone for some blogging inspiration and something became apparent.

I have different photos of coffees I've had from all over the place.  As I was flicking through them I realised that each one was bringing back a memory of who I was with,a holiday I was on,a special meal and so on... 

It isn't just the taste that I love so much, it's the sound of it being made, the smell, and it's gorgeous frothy topping.              ... well, with a frothy latte that is!

Sometimes a trained barista will present a cuppa that in itself is just pure art.  Usually its these ones that entice me to add sugar.  Sugar adds a bit of sweetness that I only occasionally indulge 

in and with these special coffees it's irresistible!  Part of the skill gone into it's making is in creating a froth that is smooth yet stiff enough to hold a teaspoon of sugar on top.  Watching the sugar slowly dissolve and sink just adds to the anticipation.

Although sometimes it seems a shame to stir up such a pretty picture, even that has it's own fun.  Stirring up a froth can create a unique one-off picture of it's own and I always spare a minute or two to see if I can spot one.

This one is a bear - my partner says Tibetan mountain dog ... what do you see ??

But in the end, after all of that sound, smell, and visual admiration, there is only really one thing to say about a good coffee...  

           YUM !




  1. I have awarded you a Sunshine Award for having such an inspiring creative blog... check my blog for details....

  2. Hi the mountain dog cup off coffee looks like sea lions to me :)

  3. What a lovely post. Not a coffee lover myself, if only I could get as much inspiration from a cuppa!! I can see a big dog's nose in your coffee!

  4. I maybe slightly mad here but after some serious eye i don't see a bear, dog or any other animal for that matter??

    I see an apple, halved lol x

  5. Hi, I've awarded your blog a sunshine award to View my post on who i've nominated goto.

  6. Thank you for the Sunshine awards!! :) What a lovely surprise :)

    Sealions and apples .. what an excellent cup of coffee!

  7. Whoever thought coffee could be this pretty! I see two ladies shrouded in cloaks... hmmm